International Night

International Night Chairs | Erin Flexner and Laura Vanemon

West Vincent Elementary School’s International Night is a great opportunity to showcase your family’s background and to teach others in our community about the many cultures represented in our school.

Families may display crafts, flags, currency, stamps, foods, clothing, maps and photos. Students participating will receive large tri-fold boards to display their cultural artifacts, pictures and any other materials from their heritage. Whether you’re Irish or Italian, whether your ancestors are Chinese or Cherokee: your family has an interesting heritage to share.

Additionally, all families are encouraged to attend and tour our International Night displays. Children attending the event will receive passports for stamping to carry along from "country" to "country." Parents are encouraged to support their children's efforts to educate one another on the unique differences in their own family's culture.

This is a bi-yearly event. The next International Night will occur in the 2020-2021 school year.

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