Our Outgoing PTA President Thanks You for 3 Great Years

Tonight is my last PTA meeting as president. We have term limits (like the United States President, just not as long), and I have served the maximum years allowed by our PTA bylaws.

I have been honored to lead such a great group of folks! Thank you for the last 3 years of support, hard work and love you all have given me. I am so happy with the progress and it is all thanks to you. Here are some highlights that you all made happen:

  • Number of assemblies have gone from 2-3 a year to 8-10!
  • Membership has grown year over year, with a 75% increase of teacher involvement.
  • Financial giving to the PTA grew from $8,000 to over $25,000 annually. Wow!!!
  • Philanthropic giving has been incorporated to everything we do (for example, Partners in Outreach and Chester County Food Bank).
  • Art in school! Did you see the kids pictures on the wall and their beautiful displays and the upper team art project in its second year?
  • So many great clubs and activities have been added (such as Language Club, All Pro Dad, and the Talent Show just to name a few.)
  • Subsidizing field trips $15 per child.
  • Creation of outdoor spaces like the Outdoor Classroom and Gardens.
  • Celebration of our diversity and culture through International Night, a great event and joint effort with our teachers.
  • The start of our outdoor mosaic mural project. Yes, we will make the outside of the school beautiful as well.
  • And so many other great things!

Let’s keep it going, the possibilities are endless!

Thank you again! Hugs and kisses to you all and your kids.

Much love,
Sarah Black, PTA President