West Vincent PTA and North Coventry Food Pantry Partnership

We are very pleased to announce a new partnership between the West Vincent PTA and the North Coventry Food Pantry! 

Over the past few years, we have asked our school families to support the North Coventry Food Pantry by participating in food drives or donating items as admission to various PTA functions.  We know that more need exists and we know many of you would like an easy way to support the Food Pantry between these drives and events.

Now, you can support the North Coventry Food Pantry with your Market Day purchase.  Simply visit the Market Day website, complete your order via credit card, and we will deliver your order directly to the Food Pantry for you!  

We have met with representatives of the Food Pantry and received recommendations of items that will be of most use to them and satisfy their "shelf stable" needs.   

If interested in participating, please follow the links below to some of the suggested items.  Make sure to enter our school ID Number, 27015.  After you complete your order, please email Market Day co-chairs Michelle Cucinotta or Cindy Foulds to let them know your order is slated for the Food Pantry.  We will deliver it to the pantry on your behalf.  

Every bit helps the more than 90 families in our community who receive WEEKLY support from our Food Pantry and we hope this partnership will help them meet their goals.

Thank you for your continued support!
Rita Pederson, West Vincent PTA President

Suggested Items ...

 PBJ Grahmwiches - 


 Organic, shelf stable milk


 Granola Bars


 Apple Juice


Squeezable Apple Sauce