Congratulations Reflections Winners!

The National PTA Reflections program is PTA’s cornerstone arts program. The Reflections Program has inspired millions of students to reflect on a specific theme and create original artwork.  

Each year, students in Grades K through 12 are recognized for bringing the theme to life through dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography and visual arts.  Students are broken down into Grade Divisions: K-2, 3-5, and 6-8.  Judging first occurs at a local level (judging our school only.)  The top 5 move on to the Regional Level for judging.  The top 3 entries that placed in the Regional Level move on to the State Level for judging and the top entry from each state moves on for National judging  Our Region consists of 5 counties: Berks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia.  West Vincent Elementary started out with 14 entries.  All entries moved on for Regional judging; 7 placed at that level and moved on to States.  (None of our West Vincent participants placed at the State level.)


  1st Place, Middle School - Abigail Smith

Music Composition:
  1st Place, Middle School - Abigail Smith

  3rd Place, Middle School - Ned Farnham

Visual Arts:
  2nd Place, Primary - Toshani Kapoor
  3rd Place, Intermediate - Jimmy Noon
  1st Place, Middle School - Alayna Rodner
  2nd Place, Middle School - Hannah Harmanos