The Fate of Mr. Smith - Vote Now

Exciting Walk-a-Thon Update!

The PTA's number one fundraiser is the Walk-A-Thon and it is about three weeks away.  As of this week, $7,941.00 has been raised for the Walk-a-Thon but we have a long way to go if we want to reach our goals. 

Last year when we reached our goal, Mr. Smith endured having a cooler of sports drink dumped on his head.  This year, we decided to let the students, teachers and families decide his fate.  Over the past week, students and teachers came up with ideas if we reach our stretch Walk-a-Thon goal of $27,500.  Those ideas have been narrowed down to the top three ideas and now YOU get the chance to select the winner.  

Visit our "Fate of Mr. Smith" survey at to cast your vote for what will happen to Mr. Smith if we reach our goal. The voting will end on Monday, October 1st at 12:00 p.m.  Additionally, here is a link to a short video pertaining to Walk-A-Thon:

Remember, if we don't reach our goal, none of this will happen - so send those postcards and make your donations at  The money raised will support the many PTA programs students and their families enjoy throughout the school year like assemblies, family fun nights, talent show, family directory, yearbook, after-school programs, author visits, all pro dads breakfasts and so much more!