Distracted Walking Poster Contest


The Pennsylvania PTA is hosting a Distracted Walking Poster Contest open to ALL PA students in Grades 1 - 6. Our PTA could win $1,500 for first prize, or up to 3 $500 Runner up prizes! The winning poster design will be printed and distributed throughout the State and also featured on Teen Kids News.

Visit http://www.nrsf.org/teenlane/tweena/defeetpta/pa  or PA PTA for details.

Did you know nearly 6,000 pedestrians are killed in traffic crashes every year? Many are children distracted by mobile devices. Tens of thousands of pedestrians are injured. Put those artistic talents to work to help save lives and earn money for WVES PTA. Any winner from our school will win a $50 cash prize.

All eligible posters must be handed into school by Monday, April 8 and follow the specifications on the National Road Safety Institute website. Contact Anne Strawbridge with any questions.