West Vincent's School Garden needs your help this summer!

West Vincent's School Garden needs your support through the summer! On a weekly basis, we need volunteers to water and weed as necessary, as well as harvest. There is a binder in the shed with instructions. This garden grows produce for the Coventry Food Pantry through the summer months. If you can lend your time for a week - or have your cub/girl scout take on the duty! - please use the signup link below to pick a date. Thank you!!


WV Community Garden Volunteers Needed For The Summer

West Vincent Elementary is looking for families to help in the Community Garden this summer. All food grown in the garden is donated to the South Coventry Food Bank. This is a great opportunity for kids to get involved and help in their local community.  Families will be asked to help weed, water and harvest the vegetables that will be delivered to the food bank. Please sign up for one week that will include visiting the garden 2-3 times during that week. More detailed instructions will be sent in a follow up email. In addition, an instruction binder will be available in the garden shed for use during your visit.
Please contact Dara Roberts for more information - Or click here to sign up.

Here is the link: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0849ACAE23AA8-summer2.

Dara Roberts info: robertswd11@comcast.net, phone number 610-425-7770.

Volunteers Needed for Our Community Garden

Did you know that the West Vincent Community Garden donated over 40 pounds of fresh vegetables to the South Coventry Food Bank this season? 

The majority of the vegetables were beets, tomatoes and potatoes. Our garden was hindered by a very happy groundhog and many deer that stopped by to sample the harvest. Great Job and a huge Thank You to all the parent volunteers that worked through out the year and all summer long to weed, water the beds and harvest.

Throughout the school year, the teachers use the gardens for hands-on learning:

  • teaching scientific observation skills, qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • and area and perimeter calculation

Our garden has even supplied vegetable tastings for Tasty Tuesdays.

Many volunteer opportunities are available for all experience levels, from master gardeners to garden novices and for all time availability — from one class period every now and then, to people who are interested in serving on the committee to help plan the garden activities.

If you're interested in helping, volunteer here or please contact Cheryl McVickar or Dara Roberts.