WV's International Night - Coming this November!


W.V. PTA’s International Night

Thursday, November 8th 2018, 6:00-7:30 pm

West Vincent Elementary School’s International Night is coming this November! Whether you’re Irish or Italian, whether your ancestors are Chinese or Cherokee: your family has an interesting heritage to share. This is a great opportunity to showcase your family’s background and to teach others in our community about the many cultures represented in our school. Families may display crafts, flags, stamps, foods, clothing, maps, and photos. Students participating will receive large tri-fold boards to display their cultural artifacts, pictures, and any other materials from their heritage.

Additionally all families are encouraged to attend and tour our International Night displays. Children attending the event will receive passports for stamping to carry along from “country” to “country”. Parents are encouraged to support their children’s efforts to educate one another on the unique differences in their own family’s culture.

Interested families should fill out and return a registration form by Monday, September 17th to ensure your child receives a free tri-fold board for the event. Simply print out this form, fill it in and return it to school attention “Mrs. Vanemon”.

                                                Thank you!

                                                Mrs. Erin Flexner & Mrs. Laura Vanemon & the West Vincent PTA

International Night is coming...

International Night is on April 9th from 6-7:30pm. This is a fun event that is filled with cultural entertainment and food from around the world to sample.  Even if your child is not participating in International Night, head on over to see all of the hard work that was put in to each child’s presentation board.  Visitors will receive a passport so that they may collect stamps after visiting various countries.

The International Night committee is looking for volunteers for the night of 4/9/15.  If you can lend a hand, please sign up using the signup link – Thank You!

International Night - Save the Date!

Save the Date

West Vincent PTA’s

International Night

Thursday, April 9th 2015

6:00-7:30 pm

Please mark your calendars for West Vincent PTA's International Night. It will be an evening filled with cultural entertainment and food from around the world to sample. This is a great opportunity to showcase your family's background and to teach others in our community about the many cultures represented in our school. More information will be available early 2015 on this website. Be there and show off your zest for your country! 

Print the registration form

International Night is TWO WEEKS AWAY!!


March 19, 2014                                        


Dear Participant,

            International Night is in two weeks, so you should be having fun researching for your heritage board.  Both our West Vincent library and the Henrietta Hankin Library have several shelves of books about different countries. Be sure to take accurate notes on your country using reliable sources. When you have completed your research, draw a rough draft of your tri-fold board. Have a parent review your rough draft. Make corrections before starting your final tri-fold board.

If possible collect a few artifacts, such as instruments, maps, coins, artwork, and crafts from the country you are researching. Perhaps your parents can arrange for you to borrow these items for your display. If you plan to prepare a cultural food item for International Night use this time to locate a recipe, make a test batch, and write up an ingredients list to display with your board. We have students with food allergies, so please be sure your parents help you list every ingredient.

We are also hosting a cultural fashion show for anyone who is interested in participating.  Please complete the “Fashion Show Information Sheet” and return it to Mrs. Vanemon by March 27th. Then plan to wear your cultural clothing to the event. Our fashion show will kick off this year’s event.

Remember this presentation is for you to showcase your heritage. It’s your chance to teach us!



                                                                        Mrs. Flexner and Mrs. Vanemon

                                                                        & the West Vincent PTA

Optional Fashion Show Information Card - please print and return to school if you child will be in the Fashion Show.