Support Your Child - Join West Vincent PTA

The cost of joining the PTA is $7.00, that is less than the price of a value meal. By joining you are supporting an abundant network of services representing children on a national, state and local level.

PTA has been in existence for over 115 years. It is a true American grass roots organization, created by parents with a concern for the well being of all children. It is the largest volunteer child advocacy association in the nation. Some of their major accomplishments are creating the school lunch program, implementation of kindergarten and child labor laws. The PTA continues to be very active in advocating for our children's safety, health, education and wellbeing nationwide.

By joining the West Vincent PTA you are NOT expected to become a volunteer. However by joining you show your support for an amazing organization that devotes itself to the betterment of all children. 

The monies that stay local at West Vincent are spent on a variety of activities for all students to enjoy. WV PTA pays for school assemblies that are relevant to our children, like bullying, drug prevention, on-line safety and cultural diversity. PTA supports our teachers in many ways such as Science Fair, International Night and supplements the cost of field trips for all students. As well as many after school activities like Chess Club and Foreign Language Club.

The work done by West Vincent PTA is determined by the needs of our school community and the interests and concerns of its members. By joining you will have a VOTE and a VOICE as to how our PTA impacts all students. 

Please consider showing your support for this great organization by joining the West Vincent PTA.